Unauthorised encampments

Current encampments

Council managed/maintained land


Land managed/maintained by private owners


Eviction orders

When there is an unauthorised encampment on land, there is a process which must be followed to determine if there is any reason the encampment can remain on the site or if formal action needs to be taken to force an eviction.

If the encampment is on Council owned land, the Council has to first apply for a Court Order. If the land is private, the owner will need to apply for an eviction order under Civil Procedure Rules 1998. There must be at least two clear days between the serving of documents and the court hearing.

In certain cases, such as if there is antisocial behaviour arising from persons on the site the Police have powers to remove unauthorised encampments from land. 

Please note: 'unauthorised encampments' is a generic term used to describe any such encampment by any person on land where there isn't planning consent.


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