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The next phase

The Troubled Families Programme has begun and to mark this next iteration of the programme the new phase will be called Supporting Families.

What started out as the Troubled Families Programme almost a decade ago and since then, has grown in scope and ambition, Coventry is more determined than ever to ensure that vulnerable families thrive as part of the programme.

This phase will focus on building the resilience of families, and on enabling system change locally and nationally. The programme has already helped families make extraordinary improvements in their lives, and now is the right time to rename the programme, to reflect what it does in principle, and in practice.

The vision is to ensure that those families who need support get it at the right point, in the right way, as early as possible. Great things happen when families build on their strengths, call on their support networks and tackle their problems head on and early on. Children, parents and carers are most able to build resilience with services at their side who know them well and can offer trusted guidance.

At its heart, the national programme then and now, is about locally delivered early help for families, led by the keyworkers and local partners who know their areas and families best.

At a local level

Coventry is fully committed to Supporting Families and has embedded the principles of the programme into all aspects of practice and policy across Children’s Services. Working with children and families adopting a strengths based approach to whole family working, ensuring families receive the right help at the right time and that children and families are encouraged and empowered to become more resilient is at the heart of everything we do.

Coventry has a clear focus on achieving outcomes for children and families that are sustainable into the future, embedded on a foundation of strong supportive connections and stretching aspirations based on the Supporting Families  headline criteria:

  1. Staying safe in the community: Parents or children involved in crime or anti-social behaviour
  2. Getting a good education and skills for life: Children who have not been attending school regularly
  3. Improving children’s life chances: children who need additional support, from the earliest years to adulthood
  4. Improving living standards: families experiencing or at risk of worklessness, homelessness or financial difficulties
  5. Staying safe in relationships: families affected by domestic abuse
  6. Living well, improving physical and mental health and wellbeing: Parents and children with a range of health needs

Useful Information

The below link is an informative presentation on The Supporting Families Programme in Coventry.

The Supporting Families Programme Presentation

The Supporting Families Outcome Plan (SFOP)

If you have any questions about the Supporting Families Programme please email either:

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