Bin lorry driver strike action

Bin lorry drivers are on strike over a number of days. We apologise but this is out of our control. We are continuing to try and find a resolution that will get drivers back on the streets.

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Tables and chairs licences

How to apply

Apply online

Apply for a tables and chairs licence online on the GOV.UK website.

In order to apply for a tables and chairs licence, we require the following documentation to be submitted with the application:

  • Location Plan - A plan showing the proposed seating area and the layout of furniture and barriers.
  • Furniture Appearance - Details of the furniture to be used, including photographs and dimensions.
  • Freehold / Leasehold - Evidence of the applicant's freehold/leasehold title to the adjoining building.
  • Public Liability Insurance certificate - The applicant must have public liability insurance of at least £5,000,000.  
  • Planning consent evidence - Where applicable, evidence that planning consent has been given.
  • Premises licence - Where applicable, evidence that a premises licence is held by the applicant.

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