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The next 12 months for Digital Coventry

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The following activities will be undertaken within the next 12 months:

  • Review progress and build more detailed plans and activity across all services.
  • Add and highlight any additional initiatives that are identified to ensure these are aligned with existing plans or resources.
  • Take stock and review the Council’s digital offer and the outcome of the training and support programmes to determine if this support is working and if it should continue.
  • Be clearer of the position regarding infrastructure and look for any gaps in coverage or access.
  • We will continue to deliver more online services and monitor channel shift and the customer experience.
  • In line with the ambitions of the Draft Local Plan, developers of new development (residential, employment and commercial) will be expected to facilitate and contribute towards the provision of internet connectivity infrastructure and ensure this meets the ambitions of the Government’s Digital Communications Infrastructure Strategy and the European Digital Agenda.
  • Work more closely with partners in the city to progress the digital agenda – including Warwick and Coventry Universities, technology suppliers, businesses, innovators and providers who are delivering infrastructure within the city.
  • We will actively align its digital work with that of the CWLEP, West Midlands Combined Authority in delivering the Strategic Economic Plan and Public Service Reform.

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