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Where will we be in five years?

Digital technology changes and evolves at an incredible pace. The Digital Coventry programme will focus on being up to date with the latest technological innovations which may well require us to adapt our plans as the technology advances.

At the time of writing, these are our aspirations for the next five years

  • In five years we will see a clear shift in the way our customers engage with the Council. As the uptake and usage of digital services increase, customers will expect a seamless multi-channel experience, mirroring their experiences across wider sectors.
  • Advances in digital solutions as to the way we store, manage and analyse data, will enable the Council to be clearer about which face to face services are required, when these should be delivered and who they should be delivered to.
  • Council and partners will have enabled all customers and businesses to access the internet and be more confident in realising its potential.
  • Customers will have access to equipment and support to access digital services in a wider range of public and non-public buildings.
  • The city will continue to have full internet connectivity coverage. Working with suppliers and partners we will strive for the city to have high coverage of ultrafast internet connection (300Mbps).
  • The city will have a growing number of free Wi-Fi hotspots with an aspiration to provide city wide public Wi-Fi.
  • The city will continue to position itself as a digital leader taking advantage of any possibilities to adopt new technologies early or as part of pilot initiatives. This would include positioning ourselves to influences where possible becoming an early adopter city for 5G mobile telephony technology when this is available.
  • Digital delivery and ambition will have been realised and will be actively enabling economic growth and improving the wellbeing of Coventry residents by boosting competiveness, increasing productivity in the public and private sectors, reducing reliance on public services and securing public service reform.
  • In order to keep pace with technology and to respond to changes in public services including reductions in resources, we will be working much more closely with other partners to help design and deliver the required changes

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