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Inspire Me @ The Pod

As she stumbled for the very first time through the open doors at The Pod, who was she, what was she, what had she become and what was her purpose in life. The tasks ahead for the development workers at the Pod were to help her to achieve her goals and fill her with hope, provide her with a place of safety and to build confidence and regain her identity.
The only thoughts that were in her head were suicide, shame, guilt, self-harm, paranoia and trust issues. She was a true victim of circumstances, a victim of trauma, a victim of self harm and a victim of ‘self-doubt’, but she could never show this to people. She couldn’t let anyone in, or try and understand what trauma she had gone through. The world would look at her and think she was in-tact from the outer surface but the inner part of her had fallen apart. 
So she lied to others and she lied to herself over and over again. She would be asked, if she okay and she would reply yes. That was so far from the truth.

The Pod supported, encouraged and helped achieve her goals and aspirations. The Pod provides a place and space for motivating her on her low days which seemed everyday. Days when she felt like giving in and throwing in the white towel. They were in her corner and she will always be grateful. They are the ones who continually fought for her laptop, this laptop that enables her to use for University to access the web for personal use.

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