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Travel assistance

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Travel Assistance (home to school)

In 2017 the Local Authority introduced a new travel policy for Statutory School Age pupils and a new Post 16 Travel Statement. These were introduced as Coventry has undertaken a review of long standing policies to ensure they meet the latest DfE and Government Guidance. The Post 16 Statement is reviewed annually.

A public consultation was undertaken throughout November 2016 to January 2017.  Whilst reviewing these policies Coventry wanted to ensure preparing for adulthood was at the centre of any changes being made.

Travel Assistance

For children of compulsory school age (Reception to Year 11)

The Council will provide travel assistance to pupils who meet the criteria set out in our policy. This will normally be in the form of a bus pass.

Your child must meet all the below criteria

  1. Live permanently in Coventry
  2. Be of compulsory school age (Reception to year 11)
  3. Attend a qualifying school

Your child must also meet at least one of the below criteria

  1.  Live more than the 'statutory walking distance' from his or her 'qualifying school'
  2.  Be unable to make the journey safely, even when accompanied, to his or her 'qualifying school' because of their special educational need or disability.

Read the Home to School Travel Assistance Policy for Pupils from Reception to Year 11.

How to apply

Please complete our application form.

Please ensure you click 'Submit' and get a reference number when you complete the form, otherwise we may not have received your application. 

If you require a paper copy or a large print version please contact Statutory Assessment and Review Service on 024 7683 1614 or email

Travel assistance for Post-16 students

We want all young people to have the same access to opportunities in life: to travel, to gain employment, have friends and relationships, to live as independently as possible, to have a good social life and to be valued in their community.

Learning to travel on public transport is an essential skill. We actively promote independent travel so that all young people can access their community, training and learning opportunities as well as social and leisure activities.

Applicants with severe mobility or learning difficulties may apply for discretionary travel assistance by filling in the Request for Travel Assistance Post-16 form. Criteria for determining eligibility are as follows:

The student must meet all the below criteria to be considered.

1 Live permanently in Coventry
2 Attend a full-time, suitable course at a suitable school, further education college of institution or 16-19 academy
3 Be aged 16-18 at the time of application, or have started the course before their 19th birthday
4 Be unable to travel to their course independently and exhausted alternative options available to them

For further details you can read the Post-16 Transport Policy Statement.

You can also download our Post 19 Travel request form.

Independent travel training

Our Independent Travel Trainers offer personalised training to teach a young person to travel to and from school or college on their own, usually using public transport. For more information please call 024 7629 4434 or email


If you are unhappy with the outcome to your request for assistance you have the right of appeal against the decision. First, your request will be reviewed by a senior officer. If you are still not happy your request will be considered by an independent panel who were not involved in the original decision.

See our appeals flow chart for more details.

If you would like to appeal your decision, please download a Stage 1 appeal form.

If you have already been through Stage 1, and would like to appeal at Stage 2, please download our Stage 2 appeal form.

Appeal forms must be returned to For more information, call 024 7683 1614.

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