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About us

Swanswell ELC provides a small supportive environment for students who have had difficulty in mainstream school. Each student is in a small key group, and also has access to the Pastoral Manager for emotional support. All classes contain no more than twelve students, and there is both a qualified Teacher and a Teaching Assistant in each lesson. Although additional strategies and support are offered to students who still struggle to cope, the Swanswell ELC environment alone is sometimes sufficient in adjusting the behaviours of certain students.

The Swanswell ELC ethos is that young people who are capable of achieving at GCSE level should be given similar academic opportunities to those they would access in mainstream education. Staff identify the pathway that best fits each student, by analysing data and testing engagement.

For general enquiries, please email lisa.dutton@coventry.gov.uk.

Should you require paper copies of any information or documentation, please contact us.

Extended Learning Centre - Swanswell

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Swanswell ELC
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