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Tree preservation

Tree Preservation Orders are used to protect trees which improve the quality of our local area, they can be placed on any suitable tree, including trees on private land, public land and in rear gardens. They can cover single trees, groups of trees or areas of trees or woodlands - but not hedges or shrubs.

Government guidance: Tree Preservation Orders

Protected trees

Coventry has made over 460 Tree Preservation Orders. Orders have been placed on more than 2,000 individual trees, 400 groups of trees and 30 woodlands. The average order contains about 10 trees, so approximately over4,500 trees are protected within the city.

Trees in conservation areas are also protected and cannot be worked on without an application to us.


If you deliberately destroy a protected tree, or damage it in a manner likely to destroy it, you could be liable to fines up to £20,000 plus a criminal record. You could also be fined if you cause or allow such work. Other offences can lead to unlimited fines or imprisonment.

Please use our Tree works application guidance as a starting point for considering works to trees.

Tree Preservation Officer

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 024 7697 2219

Coventry City Council
PO Box 15
Council House

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