HMO licensing

Additional Licensing

On 4 May 2020 an Additional Licensing Designation came into effect across the city, requiring HMOs with fewer than five persons and HMOs with no shared amenities to be licensed.  

Additional Licensing will operate in the same way and alongside the existing Mandatory Licensing scheme. The same process will be followed, with the same fees, legal obligations and penalties for failing to comply with the requirements.

You will need an additional HMO licence if:

  • if you operate a house in multiple occupation that is shared by three to four tenants living in two or more households, or
  • if you operate a property which was converted into self-contained flats where:
    • less than two thirds of the flats are owner-occupied, and
    • the conversion did not comply with the relevant Building Regulations in force at that time and still does not comply

The legislation which covers houses converted solely into self-contained flats ('Section 257 HMOs) can be found under Section 257 of the Housing Act 2004.

To submit an application for Additional Licence, please proceed to licensing process tab.

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