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Adele's Fostering Journey

Fostering and adoption

I had worked with children and families previously and was looking for an opportunity to use my existing skills in a way that could offer me more flexibility and a better work/life balance. Being a single parent working full-time, I struggled with balancing work, parenting and childcare and simply wanted to be around for my child more. I also have an elderly parent and fostering affords me more time to visit her. I had thought about fostering many times before, but had never seriously looked into it until 2013 when I decided to research it and go through the process. 

For me one of the big issues was the financial support on offer as you can’t rely on the fostering allowance as it is only paid when you have children in placement. I left a permanent role so as a single foster carer the fostering allowance would be an important source of income so it was a huge decision. Finding out that some benefits discount fostering income, and the tax thresholds for fostering are different meant that fostering could work for me financially too. 

Meeting other foster carers at Skills to Foster has been an invaluable source of support to me. Although my social worker meets up with me regularly for supervision and I go on lots of training courses, there is nothing quite like having someone who is going through the same thing as you to be a listening ear sometimes!

When I moved on my first child to adoption, my foster caring friend and social worker helped me through the challenge of letting go. Being part of a team of foster carers’ means you can chat through the challenges and celebrate the successes when a child is able to cope with something for the first time, or develops a new skill or confidence- they understand and can share that joy.

We have recently worked with Coventry City Council and the Coventry Foster Carers’ Association and set up a weekly coffee and chat support group which has social workers and other people come along, as well as other Coventry foster carers. I think this is something that has really helped foster carers feel part of a close ‘team around the children’ working together to support Coventry children- and each other!

To join Adele and our team of foster carers, call us on 024 7683 2828.

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