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Janet's Fostering Journey

Fostering and adoption
Adoption and fostering

I've been fostering for nearly 35 years, having come into fostering from a nursing background. My mum had worked in one of the old children’s homes in Coventry and so I had a good understanding of the care system too and really enjoyed working with children. Fostering was very different then, and I have been pleased over the years to see it considered much more as a recognised professional role with options for young people over 18 to stay more formally with carers if they wish.

Over the year’s we've had a wide variety of different placements which have all had their unique challenges and rewards. We have had parent and child placements, short break care, young children who have moved onto adoption through to asylum seekers in their teens and several teenagers who have stayed with us until their 20’s.

There are of course different challenges to fostering, most often children haven’t had much routine or stability in their lives and struggle with what may seem to others as straightforward issues such as showering and getting ready for school, eating a varied diet or getting ready for bed at an age- appropriate time. Some of the practical things need to be considered for fostering, such as getting children to school, taking children to contact with their family and being there for them when they want to talk- the ongoing training really helps you to understand how this might feel for a young person and how you can best support them.

A lot of the challenges though are actually similar to any parenting role – not wanting to go to bed on time or wanting to watch television instead of doing homework!

But the rewards certainly add up too! It’s great when you build up a good relationship with each other and they start to learn to trust you. Sometime just little things like being able to let them choose new clothes and seeing them taking pride in their appearance. Seeing them gaining in confidence and starting to achieve in school and make positive relationships with people and after some time supporting them to start to make sense of their past and discussing it with you.

There are also the longer term differences that you know you are helping to make- for me a definite highlight has been becoming a proud ‘Foster- Grandma!’ Helping a young person as they become a parent, knowing that because of your support and care that they will be able to care and do the best for their own, new family.

We have seen with pride children grow and develop into successful, confident young people, travel and work overseas, complete degrees, go into their dream jobs and become competent parents themselves – despite the difficult start they'd had in life. 

What would I say to someone on why they should consider fostering?

You will make a huge difference to the lives of children and young people who need a caring home whether it be for one night or 10 years!

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