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Fostering and adoption

Helen is a time-limited foster carer so she usually looks after children for a specific amount of time until they are able to return to their birth families.  Sometimes unable to return home and in these cases, foster carers sometimes help prepare children to move onto adoptive families.  Helen has experienced this in her fostering and has shared that although we was initially very worried about how this might feel: "It was actually easier to let go than I thought," she says  "as I met the new mum and dad and I knew that the little girl was going to have a better life." 

Within the comprehensive training and support on offer Coventry Foster Carers have training specifically around preparing children to move on- whether back home to birth family or onto adoption or long term fostering as we know this can be something that people may worry about how they will find this.

As well as keeping her busy, Helen thinks that fostering has made her more open-minded.  "I have become aware of more situations and realised that every family is different.  You can't judge people.  I think people sometimes have a particular view of kids in care, but it's not their choice or their fault.

"It's great when you see the kids show potential and you can help them to achieve their goals," Helen continues.  "When the two girls first came to live with me, the younger one would hardly speak.  Now she's started reading and she never stops talking.  You build up a relationship with the children and they let you in."  

It's not just the children who need support.  Foster carers do too.  As well as the training courses which Helen attended after her approval, she also has a dedicated supervising social worker.  "She's great," says Helen.  "Any little problem, I can call her up and she will listen.  In the early days I used to ring her up a lot because I wanted advice on how to do things right" 

Supervising social workers are there to support and supervise Coventry Foster Carers, they are a 'one stop shop' for advice on anything from practical issues and training to 'being an ear' to listen to any challenges or joys that fostering has bought to the family

Keen to continue fostering for the foreseeable future, Helen has also started recruiting more foster carers for Coventry Fostering Service.  "I talked to one of my friends who was thinking about fostering and now she's going through the approval process."  And what does Helen think about the qualities you need to be a good foster carer.  "Sense of humour", she says immediately.  "You need to be able to laugh about things, plus patience and sometimes just being there to listen."

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