The different types of fostering

Time limited or 'short term' fostering

Adoption and fostering
Adoption and fostering

Time limited, or ‘short term’ fostering means caring for a child or children in your stable, loving home until they can return to their own family, or until it becomes evident that they need a more permanent foster placement or possibly adoptive parents.

About half of all children who need foster care have at least one brother or sister who we will place together with a foster carer whenever that is possible. 

Children who come into care need stability, support and nurture while other professionals are working with their parents or relatives to assess and if possible resolve, domestic or parental issues which are preventing children from living safely at home.

Children might also need a time limited foster placement because their current foster carers circumstances have changed and they aren’t able to care for them anymore, it could be that a more permanent foster placement is being found for them, or their parent or carer is unwell and there is no one else who can care for them at that time.

In some cases, time limited foster carer placements change into longer term arrangements if all parties agree that this is the best thing for the child.

A time limited foster placement can last from a few days to several months or sometimes even a year or two depending on the situation.

Most placements occur in a planned way, with the approximate length of placement known. However a time limited foster carer who is awaiting a placement will normally, with their agreement, be placed on the register to be available to respond to urgent or short notice requirements for foster placements as there are occasions where placements are needed urgently and introductions are not possible. In both situations you will be fully supported by the team around the child to ensure the placement is a success.

In time limited fostering, a foster carer is relied upon to provide a safe, nurturing secure place to live while a child carries on their day to day life, continuing to attend their same school (if appropriate) and see their friends and family wherever possible.

Most foster carers in Coventry are ‘approved’ to care for children aged 0-18 but most foster carers state a preference for a particular age range which we use for matching the right children with the right foster carers. During the assessment and matching we take into consideration the needs of the children and also the fostering family and any children already in the household.

All time limited foster carers have their own allocated social worker and access to 24 hour support. Foster carers will also, during a placement, work alongside the child’s social worker to assess the child’s support needs and to plan for the long term future of the child. Foster carers are a crucial part of the team of professionals who work with children to help them develop and reach their potential. Foster carers attend a number of meetings and advocate for the child where needed.

Coventry needs more foster carers, including time limited carers and would welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have 

Coventry urgently needs more foster carers, including short term carers and would welcome the opportunity to answers any questions you may have- there are information sessions happening across the City (details on this website) or call the team on 024 7683 2828.

Foster carers require skills and qualities such as:

  • Assertiveness
  • Discretion
  • Confidence
  • Sensitivity
  • 24-hour commitment

Together we can give children a childhood. It’s time to make a difference.

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