Coventry support services for CSE



Telephone: 024 7678 8555 weekdays 8.30am-5pm
Email: [email protected]

  • Can offer advice to anyone who has concerns about a young person at risk of or being sexually exploited
  • Have a directory of resources that can be used on a 1-2-1 or small groups
  • Work on a 1-2-1 with young people identified as a medium or high risk of sexual exploitation
  • Guidance for frontline professionals working with young people deemed to be at low risk of CSE has been developed.

Please contact them for advice on other resources to use.


Telephone: 024 7627 7777 Mon-Fri 10am-2pm, Mon-Thurs 6pm-8pm
Email: [email protected]

Coventry Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre (CRASAC) provide support to young people, parents, partners, supporters and professionals. They can offer pre-CSE 1-2-1 work, parents groups (or 1-2-1), women’s groups, counselling sessions, therapy groups, crisis support and advocacy. CRASAC deliver workshops/group work in schools and also provide specialist training to professionals They also work alongside the Horizon team with medium and high risk young people. Referrals can be made by the young person, professionals or parents/carers to the helpline or via email.

Positive Choices Coventry

Telephone: 024 7655 3130 Mon-Thurs 9am-5pm, Fri 9am-4.30pm
Email: [email protected]

Positive Choices are an integrated risk-taking service for children and young people. Their age range is from aged 5 and extends to 25. Positive Choices can be broken down over 3 age brackets;

  • Primary School Aged 5-11- children can access support for hidden harm (affected by a parents substance misuse) and risky behaviour.
  • Young people aged between 11-16 can access support around risky behaviour; substance misuse, poor sexual health, poor partner relationships and hidden harm.
  • Young people aged up to aged 18 can access support around problematic substance misuse.

This service extends to aged 25 young people with a LAC status or additional vulnerability including mental health, learning disability or NEET. Anyone can refer a young person into service including family members. Young people can also self refer.

Creative Optimistic Visions


Telephone: 024 7644 5439
Email: [email protected]

Creative Optimistic Visions is a Community Interest company, supporting individuals with a range of Protective Behaviours courses including:

  • Mentoring support
  • Primary school aged 4-11 children can access a programme to explore the sense of feeling safe and strategies for when they feel unsafe
  • Children and young people can access courses around confidence and self-esteem, feeling safe and an Urban Arts course.

To access alternative education, accredited training and wellbeing services through the lens of The Protective Behaviours Process, contact through the above details.



Telephone: 024 7655 9550 Mon-Thurs 9.30am-5pm
Email: [email protected]

Kairos is a women's charity based in Coventry supporting women over 18 who are at risk of or caught up in street-based prostitution and women aged 18-24 who have been or at risk of sexual exploitation and/or prostitution. They offer:

  • A Street Outreach and Drop-In service on Wednesday evenings
  • Prison in-reach, Criminal Justice Support, Horse Therapy and Awareness Raising Sessions
  • 1-1 Support and Group Support
  • 1-1 Protective Behaviours Work
  • Group Work and a specific group for those who have exited or looking to exit street-based prostitution
  • A Summer Programme of 6 weeks of fun activities

Referrals can be made by contacting Kairos on the above details and a referral form will be sent to you. Referrals for Feeling Safe can also be made by emailing Tianne at [email protected] as well as through the above contact details.

Family Hubs

There are 8 Family Hubs located in Coventry supporting children, young people and families. Contact details for each of the hubs.

  • Referrals can be made directly to a hub by a family or a professional. Please telephone your local hub and ask to speak to the Duty Worker.
  • The Duty Worker will be able to offer signposting, complete additional referrals or contact services who are involved with the child in order to collate further information.
  • Each hub has a dedicated Youth Worker who can respond to issues and provide support.
  • The youth provision provides a range of programmes and interventions that tackle issues affecting young people such as risky behaviours in terms of sexual health.
  • A management decision will then be made as to whether the child and family will be signposted to a single agency or discussed by the multi-agency team at the Family Matters meeting. This meeting ensures that appropriate help is offered to safeguard the child, prevent the issue from escalating and deliver early help to children and families.

Family Group Conferencing

Family Group Conferencing are independent co-ordinators (separate from Social Care). They are solutions focussed and help to co-ordinate meetings for families and the supportive individuals who they want there. Families are encouraged to come up with their own solutions to issues and there is a lot of focus on support and safety planning. Referrals can be made by anyone who is case responsible. For referrals and general enquiries, please email [email protected] and they will send the referral form or access the electronic referral document online. The co-ordinator will spend time with the referrer to support the referral and help complete the family information sheet.

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