Adult Social Care jobs

Why join us?

Why join us

Coventry is a city that is changing fast – and we’re looking for skilled people to join adult social care and help us make a difference to people’s lives. Coventry is a great place to live and work and it’s getting even better - and having the right social care for our residents is vital.

Adult Social Care is part of the People Directorate within Coventry City Council.  We have a simple vision and strategy which underpins the principles of Adult Social Care, and we continue to work in support of this. This describes what we are trying to achieve, our purpose and our approach. In a simple sense all our work, at whatever level should continue to support the strategy of: ‘Providing support, in the least intrusive manner possible, based on the assets, resources and abilities that are available to people’. If you want to read more about adult social care in Coventry please read our annual report. This report describes what has gone well and what challenges we have faced as well as highlighting the improvements we have made since the previous report.

What services are part of Adult Social Care?

Adult Social Care encompasses a wide range of services and support and as a result a variety of job roles. This can include working in our:

  • Social Work Services - we work directly with individuals who have care and support needs, and with their carers be they older or younger adults
  • Occupational Therapy and Equipment Services - we aim to enhance people’s ability to live safely and independently in their home
  • Internally Provided Services – we provide direct support to people enabling those in most need to live independent and fulfilled lives
  • Business Systems - we manage commissioned services and some of the largest expenditure in the Council

This is an exciting time to join us as we work to put adults and their carers at the heart of everything we do. Specifically, if you are social workers, occupational therapists or social care professionals who are committed to achieving the best outcomes for adults and their carers we will help you make a difference through manageable caseloads, high-quality professional support, supervision and guidance and excellent learning and development opportunities. If you want to know more about how we work please read our strength-based practice framework and find out what our practitioners say about how we support them via our annual Organisational Health Check survey.

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