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  1. Sons and Daughters - Celebration Day
  2. Lord Mayor's Christmas reception
  3. Welcome event for all our new foster carers
  1. Foster carers' conference
  2. Appreciation event

Welcome event for all our new foster carers

Welcome event

We love welcoming new foster carers to our fostering community. Our regular welcome events are to welcome all newly approved foster carers to the service and community. The presence of the Lord Mayor demonstrates the value and respect accorded to all people who foster for Coventry City Council .
The Lord Mayor usually says a few words about how s/he, and other Politicians and senior leaders of the Council are grateful for people coming forward, going through the process of the fostering assessment and opening their homes and families to care for some of the most vulnerable children across the city.  
A light lunch is provided and it is a great opportunity for newly approved foster carers to meet other fostering families and members of the team in a relaxed and friendly environment Other members of the service are also present such as supervising social workers, placement officers and other staff members who will each explain their role and how they contribute and support our fostering families and wider team. All our foster carers attending are presented with flowers to take home as a token of appreciation.

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