Foster carer events

Foster carers' conference

Foster carers conference

The Foster Carers’ Conference is hosted and widely attended by foster carers and social workers. Every year there is a theme chosen which addresses issues or theories which are relevant to fostering. There is a guest speaker who delivers a keynote speech on a topic chosen by foster carers and the team. Foster carers and social workers are given the opportunity to attend a number of themed workshops, learning together and providing inspiration and ideas of how to address and manage issues that may help to help children and young people develop and manage the fostering household
There are also a number of ‘market stall’s where foster carers have and the team have the  opportunity to browse through information and make links with partner agencies and other departments who help provide services for children and families. A lunch is provided and foster carers are encouraged to network and make new, or renew existing connections with other foster carers who can provide them with peer support and advice. The team is on hand throughout the day to also chat and take feedback about life as a foster carer and any suggestions for improvement or new ideas.

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