Newly arrived communities

Ignite Integration Programme

Supporting refugees and migrants along their integration journey

Igniting confidence, independence, employability & language

The Ignite Integration Programme supports refugees and migrants along their integration journey by offering holistic support identified through the Integrass Assessment Toolkit, be that in gaining confidence in the community, becoming more independent, receiving employability or language training, or securing employment. 

With organisations across Coventry adopting our programme's toolkit, we can also work collaboratively towards building a bespoke framework for Coventry (based on the Central Government's Indicators for Integration, 2019). Through this, we can better understand the needs of the city and bring in external resources to improve services and deliver innovative interventions that enable everyone to contribute and benefit. 

If you are a refugee or migrant living in Coventry and would like to receive your own personalised integration plan, please email [email protected]

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