Bin lorry driver strike action

Bin lorry drivers are on strike over a number of days. We apologise but this is out of our control. We are continuing to try and find a resolution that will get drivers back on the streets.

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Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support

Council Tax Support

Council tax Support is a means tested discount which helps low income households with the cost of Council Tax payments.

If your household is classed as being of working age then you will need to pay at least 15 per cent of your council tax bill. You may receive help with the remaining 85 per cent depending on your income and the make up of your household. Pension age households can receive up to 100 per cent support depending on their circumstances.

A 25% discount applies to all single households.. Exemptions apply for people who are severely mentally impaired and live on their own.

You will receive your Council Tax bill in March telling you how much you have to pay.

How to pay your Council Tax.

Claim Council Tax Support

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