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Team Teach training is offered to all Coventry schools and settings.

Tutors who deliver the training work in Coventry SEND support services, special schools, and social care, bringing a range of expertise and experience.

What is Team Teach?

Team Teach is an approach to support whole school /setting behaviour management.

The training provides strategies to understand and manage challenging behaviour through building supportive relationships with pupils and deescalating potential conflict.

It also trains staff to safely handle a pupil, when it is absolutely necessary, for their safety and the safety of others.

Where schools/settings/parents identify children who may need Team Teach support, a Risk Assessment and Personal Handling Plan can be developed in co-production.

Staff from Social Emotional Mental Health and Learning Service are available to advise and support.

Team Teach is an accredited training through the Institute of Conflict Management.

Team Teach objectives are:

  • To develop shared values which promote the attitude, skills and knowledge needed to implement Team Teach in schools and settings.
  • To have a whole school understanding of the underlying reasons for behaviours.
  • To develop skills in behaviour management including verbal and non-verbal communication, diversion and de-escalation.
  • To deliver positive handling that is safe, effective, humane and risk assessed.
  • To develop skills in positive listening and de-briefing.

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