Tackling climate change

Coventry’s Climate Change Strategy

Coventry was one of the first cities to produce a Climate Change Strategy (March 2008). 

This gives us an opportunity to develop a new Climate Change Strategy for Coventry in partnership with the universities, businesses, organisations and residents. As part of the new strategy we will look to set a date for Coventry to become net carbon zero.


  • To develop a Climate Change strategy for Coventry 
  • Significant engagement is needed to develop the strategy and we will engage with all stakeholders in the City so they play their part in helping us to hit our targets 
  • Set up an 'Independent Climate Commission'
  • Coventry City Council will lead by example - look to embed sustainability and carbon
  • Set a date for Coventry to become net carbon zero.

Drivers for doing it

There will be benefits to people's health from better air quality, less noise thanks to quieter vehicles, more active travel thanks to increased rates of cycling and walking, healthier diets, and increased recreational benefits from changes to land use. Industry will be boosted as it leads the way in low-carbon products and services including electric vehicles, finance and engineering, carbon capture and storage and hydrogen technologies with potential benefits for exports, productivity and jobs.

The way forward

As a Council, we have made considerable progress in carbon reduction, but we need to go further still. Despite good progress at local level, new evidence continues to emerge about the scale of the likely impacts of climate change. In order to reduce the risks of severe climate change, we must act much more quickly and at scale.

Tackling climate change is one of the most important issues of our time, as we can make the changes to help save our planet as we know it. It isn't just a 'green' issue it is a social and economic one too. The opportunities that it brings are vast and revolutionary.  

The new Climate Change Strategy for Coventry will ensure that Coventry is at the forefront of low carbon innovation and that decarbonisation benefits the economy and ensures that a sustainable, clean and green future for generations to come.

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