Bin lorry driver strike action

Bin lorry drivers are on strike over a number of days. We apologise but this is out of our control. We are continuing to try and find a resolution that will get drivers back on the streets.

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Nature and conservation

Nature and conservation

Canley woodlands

Ancient woodlands of Park Wood and Ten Shilling Wood.

Kenilworth Road woodlands

These woodlands flank the Kenilworth Road from the centre of Coventry to its modern boundary

Woodland management

We own and actively manages over 200 hectares of mature woodland within the city boundary.

Tree management

Trees are an important part of the character of our city, bringing with them many benefits.

Invasive weeds

There are several species of plants which are considered to be detrimental the environment.

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)

Tree Preservation orders are used to protect trees which improve the quality of our local area.

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