Noise pollution

Burglar alarms

Noise from faulty burglar alarms can cause a severe noise disturbance, especially if they go off at night.

There are some simple steps you should take if you have an audible intruder alarm installed:

  • Make sure your alarm is properly serviced to reduce the possibility of any faults.
  • Check with the installer that a 20 minute cut out has been fitted - this is an important measure which stops the alarm sounding after 20 minutes and can reduce serious disturbance to your neighbours.
  • Make sure keyholder details are registered with the Council's Environmental Health Service so that someone can be contacted quickly if complaints are received.

When we receive a complaint about an intruder alarm we will visit to see if the noise is causing a statutory nuisance. We will also check our keyholder records and where possible arrange for the alarm to be silenced.

If we do not hold any keyholder details, we are unable to contact them and we do not know when they are returning home, we will serve a noise abatement notice on them telling them to silence the alarm. We must allow a reasonable time for the alarm to be deactivated. If they do not take any action, we will try to get a warrant to have the alarm disconnected and enter the premises by force if necessary. All costs involved will be recovered from the homeowner.

 To complain about a burglar alarm please contact us. You can register keyholder details with us using our online form or our downloadable form.

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