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Charging if care services are missed

If you miss your entire planned care package due to illness, a hospital stay or holiday, over a week from Monday through to Sunday, you will not be charged for that week's service.

If you pay the maximum charge for home support, you will not be charged for cancelled services, providing you give seven days’ notice.

If you receive home meals, day care meals or day care transport, you will not be charged for the meal or transport element of the service when cancelled, providing you give seven days’ notice.

If your circumstances change

If you think your care and support needs have changed then please contact your Social Work Team. If your financial circumstances change please contact the Financial Assessments Team.

Appeal against the charge I have been asked to pay

If you feel your charge is unreasonable, you have the right to appeal. Please contact the Financial Assessments Team for details about the appeals process.

Financial assessments team

Tel: 024 7683 3575

Coventry City Council
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