Carers' support

Health and social care

Get your free flu jab

Protect yourself and the person you care for.

Supporting carers in employment

Information for working carers and employers.

Young carers and young adult carers

Information for young carers (under 18) and young adult carers (18 - 25).

Forum, meetings and events

Sign up to our mailing list and find out about upcoming opportunities.

Coventry Carers' Strategy

Download the city-wide Carers' Strategy 2016 - 2019. Find out how the strategy is being implemented.

Carers' training and learning opportunities

Find out about opportunities for learning and improving your skills.

Looking after yourself as a carer

Ways you can look after your own health and wellbeing and where you can get support if you need it.

Information and support for carers in Coventry

Download our leaflet to find out what support is available to carers.

Are you Carer Aware?

Complete our online courses to learn more about carers and young carers.

Preventing pressure ulcers and infections

Learn how to keep your skin healthy and prevent infections.

Coventry Carers' Bulletins

Sign up to or download our latest e-newsletters.

Carers' support events

Take a look at our list of events for carers.

Carers' enhanced support offer

More information about support.

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