Keeping the Electoral Register up-to-date

Residential homes and the canvass

Every year our Electoral Services Team carries out a canvass across the city to see who is registered to vote. The canvass includes residential homes and we must identify all who live there so they can register to vote. We will be contacting residential homes across the city by email or by post.

Why are we contacting you?

The Canvass is a legal requirement. The council is bound by law to find out who is registered to vote and get them to register. Under s.25(1) of the Representation of the People Regulations 2001, care home providers are obliged to inform us of the details of their residents for electoral purposes.

How you can help?

Please provide the details of all residents in your home and include new arrivals and details of anyone who has left in the last year (along with details of where they have gone to, eg. a forwarding address).
We will email care home staff asking them to login to our online portal and update the details of their residents online.
Staff should include everyone who is resident, regardless of mental capacity or ability to go to a polling station.

The Electoral Commission has produced guidance for care staff, which explains why we are required to request this information.

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