Housing strategies and research

We no longer own any council housing after the stock was transferred to Whitefriars Housing Group in 2000. But we still have responsibilities, which include: research and assessment of current and future housing need; planning and helping bring in new housing; making best use of existing housing; and providing housing support services.

We also have a duty to carry out a periodic review of homelessness in the area and to publish a Homelessness Strategy.

Housing and Homelessness Strategy 2019-2024

The strategy was formally adopted on 19 March and came into effect on 20 March.

The Homelessness Review 2018 summarises homelessness in Coventry

Draft Housing and Homelessness Strategy for 2019-24 consultation

The consultation has finished and we are working through the responses. We expect to take an updated strategy to cabinet and council for adoption in March. 

Coventry Housing & Homelessness Strategy 2013-2018

The current Coventry Housing & Homelessness Strategy can be found below. The Strategy provides a high level strategic direction for housing and housing-related services in Coventry for 2013-18.

The Housing and Homelessness Strategy is supported by documents which set out the background to the housing issues in Coventry and how we developed the strategy:

An Equalities and Consultation analysis has also been carried out.

A Coventry Tenancy Strategy has been produced, as required by the Localism Act 2011.

Planning and housing policy team

Email: housing.strategy@coventry.gov.uk

Tel: 024 7683 2226

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