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Coventry Homefinder

Proposed change - definitions

1. Adequately Housed (no identified housing need)

Adequately housed is defined as: Applicants who are already housed in accommodation that meets their needs, both in terms of size, property type, property condition, location and affordability.

2. Low Housing Need

The proposed definition of ‘low housing need’ is wide ranging. Listed below are some of the reasons why an applicant could be assessed as having a low housing need:

  • „ Newly forming households – applicants living with friends or family wanting their own accommodation.
  • „ Newly forming households – applicants currently living apart who want to live together.
  • „ Applicants who are or could potentially experience financial difficulty if they remained in their current accommodation and therefore need to move to more affordable accommodation in the medium to long term.

3. Tenancy Readiness

Tenancy readiness is defined as the applicant:

  • „ Understands their responsibilities as a tenant to adhere to their tenancy agreement.
  • „ Has the financial resources to pay the rent and other household bills.
  • „ Is able to access and engage with formal (professional support) or informal support (family or friends) where this is required.

What does the current policy say?

These definitions are not included in the current policy.

Why change?

These definitions would support and enable the administration of the policy.

The definition of ‘adequately housed’ will be used to support the identification of housing need. Only households with an assessed housing need will be allowed to register (apart from some exceptions). If a household is assessed as ‘adequately housed’ this means that based on the information provided in the application their current accommodation is adequate for their needs and they have no other housing need to move (for example a medical need).

The definition of ‘low housing need’ also supports the identification of housing need.

The definition of ‘tenancy readiness’ will apply for those applicants (such as Coventry Care Leavers or people living in supported accommodation such as hostels or refuges) to only move to their assessed housing need band once they are ready for their own tenancy. If assessed as ‘tenancy ready’ Coventry Care Leavers will be placed in Band 1 and people living in supported accommodation will be placed in Band 2. If applicants are not ‘tenancy ready’ they will be placed in band 4.

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