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Mobile home residents

As a resident of a protected mobile home site, what rights do I have? 

The Caravan Sites Act 1968 and the Mobile Homes Act 1983 (as amended by the Housing Act 2004), set out the rights and obligations of site owners and park residents. Guidance can be found in the Communities and Local Government booklet called 'Mobile Homes: A Guide for Residents and Site Owners' .

You cannot be forced to leave the park and remove your mobile home unless the park owner has given you due notice and obtains an eviction order from the court. A court may agree to end your agreement, but can suspend the order to evict you for up to 12 months unless it is a council-owned site. It is a criminal offence for anyone to make you leave without a court order, or to try to make you leave by threats, violence, withholding services such as water or gas, or any other sort of harassment.

If physical violence is used contact the police otherwise contact us, Coventry Law Centre or Citizens Advice Bureau.

If I rent my mobile home, what rights do I have?

The site owner may not harass you by committing acts likely to interfere with your peace or comfort or withhold services causing you to abandon occupation of the caravan.

Your rights will depend on whether you have a licence or a tenancy and the nature of the tenancy. You are likely to hold an assured short hold tenancy even if you have not been given one. Providing you comply with the terms of your tenancy, your landlord cannot evict you without giving two months notice to seek possession of the property. If you do not then leave, the park owner must seek a possession order from the courts to require you to leave. If the owner is successful, the court may require you to pay the cost of the court action.

Mobile homes vary and subject to their permanency (wheels removed and connected to mains services) the Council may be able to improve poor conditions under the Housing, Health and Safety Rating System ( Housing Act 2004).

If I want to make alterations to my mobile home, who do I need to get permission from to do this? 

The site licence will tell you the space that there should be between each caravan - this is in order to reduce the risk of a fire spreading. This means it's important to get permission from the park owner before building any porches, sheds or other structures. If you do not, the park operator could get a court order for the possession of your home. You might also need a planning permission for any changes you would like to make to your home.

What do I do if I believe that the mobile home site licence has been breached? 

Firstly, you should contact the site owner. If the site owner refuses to meet with the conditions you may contact Environment and Housing Enforcement. We will, in any case, inspect the site once a year to check that the site conditions are met.

Park rules are not covered by the site licence and are an issue between the site owner and resident. Advice may be sought from the Citizens Advice Bureau, solicitor or other advisory body.

How to apply for a mobile home and caravan site licence.

What if my park owner wants to move my mobile home?

If the park operator wants to move your home, they must make an application to the court, unless they wish to move your home due to essential or emergency repairs. The court must be satisfied that the move is reasonable. In addition, the new pitch must be as good as the original pitch and the park operator is liable for any costs incurred during the move. 

If the home is to be moved for repairs to the base, the park operator must return the home to its original pitch on completion of the repairs if the resident requires or the court orders.

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