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Homelessness Prevention Service

Our homelessness service is changing due to the implementation of the Homelessness Reduction Act. Coventry City Council now has a duty to help all eligible customers, rather than just those with a priority need for accommodation.  

The legislation adds two new duties:

The Duty to Prevent Homelessness: We will help people at risk of losing suitable accommodation if they are threatened with homelessness within 56 days. We will attempt to prevent you losing your accommodation or help you plan a move to new accommodation. We may be able to help with benefits and discretionary payments to top up rent. We will also help people on receipt of an eviction notice from their landlord rather than asking them to come back when they have a bailiff's date.

The Duty to Relieve Homelessness: We will help all those who are homeless to secure suitable accommodation, regardless of whether they are intentionally homeless or in priority need. This duty applies for 56 days. This means that all eligible households are offered help to find a home. Local connection may be considered during this duty. Priority need may be taken into account to decide whether interim accommodation is owed. 

If neither of the above duties prevent or relieve homelessness, then those in priority need retain their right to be rehoused, but non-priority households will not be entitled to further help under the main housing duty.  For more information see the government's guidance on the new legislation. Find out more information on priority need.

What this means for you

Please don't wait until you are homeless before asking us for advice and help. The earlier you approach the Council, the more likely we'll be able to resolve your housing issues before you are made homeless. 

Contact our Homelessness Prevention Service to get advice and book an appointment with one of our prevention officers. You don't need priority status to access the service.  

The service can: 

  • Provide housing advice and support
  • Provide advice on benefits and finance
  • Refer you to specialised advisory and support services
  • Work with you to create a tailored housing plan with steps towards securing a permanent home
  • Organise mediation with a landlord to prevent eviction
  • Provide interim accommodation if you meet the criteria
  • Give guidance on accessing the private rented sector and Coventry Homefinder
  • Discuss and advise on other circumstances and issues relating to you housing situation

What information will I need to provide?

You will need to provide some information about you are and your current housing situation. You will need:
  • proof of identity, such as a passport, birth certificate or Home Office documents for each household member
  • any information related to why you’re homeless or threatened with homelessness, such as a notice to quit or notice of eviction from your landlord, or anything else relevant
  • proof of your income, such as benefits or payslip

Please also see if these situations are relevant to you:

  • if you have a medical condition that affects your housing needs, please bring a doctor’s/ hospital letter
  • if you’ve been released from prison, please bring your release papers or any documents relating to conditions of your release
  • if you’ve recently been discharged from the military, please bring your discharge papers
Download our Homelessness Prevention Service leaflet.
Please note that social housing will only be provided to those most in need.

Homelessness Prevention Service


Tel: 024 7683 4025

Customer Service Centre
Broadgate House

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