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Business information service

Coventry Libraries can help you with your business related enquiries. We are able to use the resources of the Business and Learning Service to answer your questions. If you need information about a company or the latest business grants available then staff at Central Library will help you find the information.

What services do we offer?

Central library offer the following business information enquiry services:

  • UK company information - Company reports which include the company’s assets, liabilities, mortgage details, director’s details, payment records, credit ratings and details of County Court Judgements.
  • Company director reports - Includes a full history of the companies a particular individual has been a director or company secretary of.
  • International company information - Information is provided on manufacturing companies as well as distributors, importers and exporters.
  • Share prices - These can be provided for companies listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and the Alternative Investment Market (AIM). Historic share prices date back to the 1930’s.
  • Article service - Full text articles on a range of business topics including products, industries and best practice.
  • Grant service - Information on business grants currently available.
  • Trademarks - Information about the manufacturers and owners of any registered trademark in the UK dating back to 1876. Similar information can often be found for trademarks registered in other European countries.
  • Consumer information - Consumer reports and investment advice.
  • Business start up - Library staff will be able to find quick concise answers to most business enquiries. If we are unable to provide you with an answer straight away, we will refer you to an alternative information provider.

Please visit Central Library and the staff will help you find your business information.

Local studies

This service is based at the Coventry History Centre.

Diversity library service

Did you know that Coventry Libraries and Information Service has a team of staff with a wide range of language and cultural skills? The team encourages people to use the library services and also find out what people from BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) and socially excluded groups want from their libraries.

Apart from providing books and other materials in community languages the team takes part in community events and visits schools, and community groups to promote the cultural and linguistic diversity in the city.
The team works in partnership with other services, such as Age UK Coventry to deliver books to people who are housebound.

We also offer:

  • Books reflecting the cultures of African Caribbean, Asian and other communities
  • Books for adults and children in: Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Gujarati, Hindi, Polish, Punjabi, Tamil, Urdu and Vietnamese
  • Newspapers and magazines in several languages
  • Material for the learning of English and other languages
  • Talking books
  • Music for all ages and tastes: reggae, bhangra, films, folk and modern music
  • Asian DVDs at several libraries
  • Exhibition material relating to multicultural Britain  

Deposit collection

The library service supplies care homes, sheltered housing and day centres with collections of books, talking books and CDs. This service is available for free to any care home, sheltered housing or day centre (including private service providers). The stock is picked by staff at a community library based on your preferences and delivered by our library support team. The items can be swapped over every three months, depending on your preference, and at a minimum of twice per year.

To apply for a new service, update your details or cancel the service please:

Looking for something else?

The links below provide information on alternative resources in Coventry.

Unable to visit a Coventry Library? Did you know you can use the University of Warwick Library? You can also find out more about the University of Warwick's outreach programmes.

Also you can visit the Coventry University Lanchester Library? Find out how you can join.

Visiting the University Hospital, Coventry & Warwickshire? Find out more about the services and support through the Health Information Centre, which is located in the main hospital. The Centre ensures that all patients, staff and visitors, have access to high quality health information on conditions, procedures and treatments including a wide range of health related books and internet access to quality websites and health databases.

City College Coventry's LRC resources

Members of the public may access City College Coventry's LRC resources for reference purposes by calling the LRC at least 24 hours in advance and booking an appointment on 024 7679 1074 or emailing lrc@staff.covcollege.ac.uk.

On arrival at their designated appointment, members of the public must check in at reception in the South building, where they will be issued with a visitor's pass (with their photograph on) and a member of the LRC team will escort them up to the LRC. Visitors may stay as long as the wish within opening hours but would not be free to walk round the college unescorted. There is no charge for this access. LRC opening hours are Mon - Thurs 8.40am - 6pm and Friday 8.40am - 3.30pm.

Multi-Faith and quiet contemplation room at Central Library

This Multi-Faith and Quiet Contemplation room has been set up at Central Library, as a ‘neutral’ space which can be used by people of all faith groups, beliefs and for those whom religion has no particular significance in their lives. The room may equally be used as a quiet space for people to sit and contemplate, to pray, to take a few moments to de-stress from a busy day, or to recover from a traumatic life event, such as bereavement. The room is available for use by visitors without booking. It offers a designated sacred space for spiritual/religious activities, designated prayer, as well as a space for peace, quiet and reflection.

Opening times

  • The room is located on the main library floor and has the same opening times as the library, but it will be closed 15 minutes before the library closes.

Physical set up of the room

  • The room has been set up to make it possible for people of all faith groups to use. It is a small room without special additional equipment, fixtures and fittings. Anyone requiring washing facilities will need to use the public toilets on the ground floor.
  • Users of the room will need to bring their own religious texts if they use them.
  • A sign has been created which indicates the direction for east, to aid those who need to face east when using the room.
  • A small number of chairs are also located in the room. These may be stacked but should not be removed.

Fire regulations and evacuation procedures

  • Coventry City Council’s no smoking policy applies to this room. The lighting of candles and burning of incense in the rooms is also not permitted. The Central Library emergency evacuation procedures also apply to the room. Upon activation of the alarm, users should proceed immediately to the nearest exit.

Vacating the room

  • It is important that at the end of any session, users vacate the room promptly Please ensure any items used are in the correct place, so other users may find the room left clean and tidy ready for their use.

Rules regarding the use of the rooms

  • The room should be a safe space for all users. This means that everyone has a duty to respect other users and to ensure the environment remains welcoming to people of all faiths, beliefs, and for those whom religion has no particular significance in their lives. It is therefore of the utmost importance that all users of the multi-faith and quiet contemplation room behave reasonably and considerately towards others who use the room.
  • If physical activity plays a part in the individual act of worship or contemplation, as is the case for Muslim prayer and for those practising meditative yoga, then individuals are permitted to use the room for such activity.


  • The room may be used for quiet contemplation, designated prayer, reflection and meditation. Individuals using the room must keep noise to a level that does not disturb others.

Display of objects

  • During the course of a session, an individual is permitted to display religious materials. At the end of prayer, meditation or contemplation all these items must be removed from the room. This is so all users feel equally free and comfortable to use the room.
  • The room will remain neutral and therefore it is not permitted to permanently display imagery, statues or written materials in the rooms or just outside the room. All users must be sensitive to others who may also wish to use the room after them. Any specific material is to be put away and for the room to be left clean and tidy for other users.

Notices, posters, leaflets

  • Notices, posters, leaflets, or advertisements for forthcoming events must not be left in the room.

Use of equipment

  • If individuals are using the room on a drop in basis, mobile phones, kindles, tablets, laptops, or amplifying equipment are not permitted to be used in the room.
  • The room should be respected for the purpose that is intended and is not to be treated as an additional meeting room or facilities that will provide additional storage space.

Security and valuables

  • No charity box, monies or valuables are permitted to be kept within the room. You are responsible for looking after your own personal belongings.

Food and drink

  • No food and drink should be consumed unless this forms part of worship requirements. The room must be left clean and tidy and free of any food, drink or wrapping papers.


  • The size of the room means that a maximum of 2 people can use the room at any one time.
  • Users of the room must not discriminate against people of the same faith, people of different faiths, or people of no faith.

The library service reserves the right to stop any session or withdraw use of the room if is found to be being used in an inappropriate manner.
The library service reserves the right to maintain emergency access to the area.

Central Library

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