Library services for people with a visual impairment

Join the library

It is free to join by visiting any library, or online. Members who are registered as Visual Impaired incur no fees or charges. Free reservations of all loanable items is available. Help is available at all libraries.

Large print books

Coventry Libraries have a range of books in large print format. The print size (font size) is 14pt. These titles cover romances, biographies, classics, novels, adventure, western and thrillers. Try one out and you will soon see why so many people already use the large print service. They are available through your Library and can be reserved free of charge. Did you know you can search and reserve items online too? To log in you will need your Coventry Library card and four digit pin number. For those with a registered visual impairment, there are no charges for these items.

Audio (talking) books

We have large collections of spoken word recordings of books on CD in Coventry Libraries. For those with a registered visual impairment, there are no charges for these items.


Coventry libraries have a wide range of DVDs including TV series and films. A collection of World Cinema titles are available at Central Library. For those with a registered visual impairment, there are no charges for these items.

Resources for children and young people

Coventry Libraries have a collection of popular children's picture books that are turned into accessible books to enable adults and children to read together. These books come in giant print [75 pt] with Braille.

The following collections are available at Central library; please ask staff if you would like to borrow them:

  • Clear Vision books have Braille, print and pictures, making them suitable for visually-impaired and sighted children and young people to share with adults. The collection includes tactile board books, simple stories for young children and stimulating books for new readers.
  • CustomEyes books offer customised large print books for visually-impaired children and young people. The collection is made up of popular children's book titles and is suitable for children of all ages.

Screen magnifier display

The Central Library in Smithford Way has a Low Vision Reader. It will enlarge the print or handwriting up to sixty times on the television screen. These are free facilities available for people with a visual impairment.


Every library has handheld magnifiers, which you can use to read books, information leaflets and newspapers.