Serviced takeaway food stalls

Market attendant

At the market we wish to offer a wider variety of takeaway food to complement our expanding public seating schemes. We have stalls that have been especially adapted for take-away food. The stalls come with hot and cold water, drainage, twin sinks, extract unit, food safe lighting plus washable walls and floor.

Why not join us?

We are looking for businesses to join us to improve the markets choice of takeaway food, by offering quality products from a wider diversity of cultures and communities.

My team have a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to make the Market a continued success. We will be happy to support you through the application process and as a stall holder.

Apply for the Coventry Market take away food serviced Business Builder Scheme

Successful applicants can take advantage of ‘The serviced stalls business builder scheme’, which is designed to help you build up a long-term customer base whilst receiving a discount on our charges. This pack contains the Terms and Conditions of the ‘Serviced stalls business builder scheme and an application form. If you need help with your application, please don't hesitate to ask, my number is at the bottom of this page.

Successful applications will have a quality and professional offer that improves the market but also maintains the balance of trades within the market. Applications may need to be considered by the existing trader’s representatives and /or other council departments.

We will keep you informed of your application's progress.

Once again thank you for your interest in Coventry Market and I hope you will soon be joining the other successful traders.


Business Builder Scheme Takeaway food serviced Terms and Conditions


  • For an initial period of 16 weeks the following scheme rate will apply: £200 per week for a minimum of 4 days trading, up to the maximum of 6 days trading (other space chargeable if available). One week's notice applies on either side.
  • Electricity and water charges etc. (for business use) are the tenant’s responsibility and will be changed into your name during your deposit period. Business Rates are charged separately although you may be eligible to receive rate relief.
  • After the discounted period the rent is £250 per week for a minimum of 4 days trading, up to the maximum of 6 days trading (other space chargeable if available).  One weeks’ notice applies on either side.
  • Rent is due weekly throughout the Business Builder period by a variety of payment methods. No arrears are permissible.
  • Initially a one month non-refundable deposit is required (£800) prior to occupation and a two weeks setting up / fit out prior to you trading is given without charge on receipt of the deposit.

Stall rent charges

  • Serviced takeaway food stall – £250.00 per week
  • Business Builder scheme - £200.00 per week (for 16 weeks)

These charges can be varied at any time.


  • Applicants are required to give the City Council permission to seek a financial reference (bank status enquiry) either before commencing Business Builder or prior to commencing a full tenancy in due course.
  • A deposit equivalent to 4 weeks rent (£800) is required prior to occupation of a stall. The deposit will be allocated to the first 4 weeks rent.
  • Traders cannot take occupation of their stall until a suitable form of photo ID, a recent utility bill, food hygiene and food registration certificates with proof of insurances have been received at the Market Office. 
  • No changes may be made to the structure of the stall without written permission. Please be aware this is a grade 2 listed historical building and substantial penalties / fines exist if you alter the stall without permission.  
  • Traders will be expected to abide by the Bylaws and Code of Conduct whilst trading in the Market. Anyone who has previously broken or breaks these rules will have their agreement immediately terminated or new applications refused.
  • New traders must regularly attend their stall, in person, for the major market days of each week. ie. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
  • Traders must maintain a safe environment for all Traders, Council staff and members of the public. This includes ensuring all electrical and high-risk electrical equipment on their stall has been tested in accordance with the Electricity at Work regulations 1989.
  • Traders are responsible for their own rubbish removal into the chute and required to keep clear and safe the area around the allocated stall.
  • A stall cannot be transferred to any other person, nor is there a right of assignment for any short-term leases subsequently offered.      
  • The Council reserves the right to cancel Business Builder Scheme with no notice.      
  • Stall holders trading in takeaway food will be required to prove their professional competency and we will require proof that the stall holder is either formally qualified, apprenticed, or has sufficient work experience in the food industry.  
  • The Council will expect the business to deliver a food product that is to a high standard and is safe, failure to meet a high standard set by the food safety team or other council departments may result in the termination of the agreement without notice.