Targeted secondhand, handmade craft and artisan scheme

Apply for the targeted secondhand, handmade craft and artisan scheme

Scheme terms

The following will apply:

  • £75 per week for a minimum of 4 days trading, up to the maximum of 6 days trading. One week's notice applies on either side.
  • Electricity and water charges etc (for business use) are the tenant’s responsibility.  
  • Business Rates are also the tenant’s responsibility and will need to be registered with the local rates office. The tenant may be entitled to receive rate relief.
  • Rent is due weekly throughout the Tenancy. No arrears are permissible. Payment will be by direct debit only.

Stall rent charges

  • Targeted second-hand goods, collectables, retro, handmade craft and artisan products – £75.00 per week plus rates and services. Examples – stamps postcards/collectables/retro clothing/collectable china etc.
  • Handmade craft products are to be made by hand by the trader .Examples- handmade jewellery, cards, cushions, artwork etc. 
  • Daily rate - £15.00 per day.
  • Goods are to be removed at the end of the day.

Rates only available to sole traders. These charges can be varied at any time. Other fees to cover electricity usage and shutters etc. may apply.


  • Applicants are required to give the City Council permission to seek a financial reference (bank status enquiry) before commencing a tenancy in due course.
  • A deposit equivalent to 2 weeks rent (£150) is required prior to occupation of a stall. The deposit will be allocated to the first 2 weeks rent.
  • Traders cannot take occupation of their stall until a suitable form of photo ID, a recent utility bill and proof of insurance have been received at the Market Office 
  • No changes may be made to the structure of the stall.
  • Traders will be expected to abide by the Bylaws and Code of Conduct whilst trading in the Market. Anyone who has previously broken these rules will have their application refused.
  • New traders must regularly attend their stall, in person, for the major market days of each week. i.e. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
  • Traders must maintain a safe environment for all Traders, Council staff and members of the public. This includes ensuring all portable electrical and high-risk electrical equipment on their stall has been tested in accordance with the Electricity at Work regulations 1989.
  • Traders are responsible for their own rubbish removal into the chute and required to keep clear and safe the area around the allocated stall.
  • A stall appointed to the Tenant cannot be transferred to any other person, nor is there a right of assignment for any short-term leases subsequently offered. 
  • The City council reserves the right to cancel the Scheme with one week's notice.       
  • Where a stall holder is offering a service, sale or advice which requires professional competency we require proof that the stall holder is either formally qualified, apprenticed, or has sufficient work experience in that area.  Managers will expect the advice given will be to a standard that is both safe and reasonable for a customer to expect.