Tougher sentencing call for road traffic crime

Published Monday, 09 July 2018

Coventry Councillors are calling on the Government to make changes to legislation now so that the courts are able to issue tougher sentences to motorists, who cause death by dangerous driving.

Following the tragic deaths of Corey and Casper Platt-May in February, Coventry City Council want the Justice Secretary to introduce tougher sentences in respect of death caused by dangerous driving immediately. 

Campaigners who have been calling for tougher sentences were told, in October last year, that the Government intended to toughen sentences yet 10 months later changes have not been introduced. 

Coventry councillors want ministers to make Parliamentary time available as a matter of the utmost priority. 

A motion being taken to full council tomorrow (Tuesday 10 July) states:

‘As we wait (for new legislation), more and more families are being forced to suffer not only a lifetime of grief at the unnecessary loss of their loved ones, but the double injustice of seeing their killers receive prison sentences of just a few years, which does not reflect the severity and impact of the crime.

Had the law been changed the killer of Cory and Casper Platt-May would be: ‘serving a sentence which better reflects that horrendous crime.’ The statement, which is expected to be supported by all councillors, concludes with the words:

‘We call upon the Government to introduce legislation immediately so that no more families need to suffer this injustice and that a letter be sent to both the Justice Secretary and Prime Minister to inform them of this resolution.’

Cllr George Duggins added: “Casper and Corey Platt-May were killed by a dangerous driver who should never have been on the road.

“On behalf of their family and all communities and wards in the city, we believe it is absolutely vital that ministers in the Houses of Parliament look at proposals for tougher sentences for drivers who kill. This needs to be made law as soon as is practically possible."

Cllr Duggins is calling on all media outlets to help collect as many signatures as possible with an aim to reach 100,000 to encourage the government to consider a full Parliamentary debate on the issue.   

Cllr Gary Ridley, Leader of the Conservative Group in Coventry, added: “Like many in Coventry I felt that the sentencing in this case was too lenient. Even if the maximum sentence was passed, I do not believe it would reflect the seriousness of this horrific crime, and the lifetime of grief and loss the family of Corey and Casper now face.

“I would urge Government to toughen sentences for the perpetrators of these types of crimes which leave behind a trail of destruction and heartache for innocent victims and their families, friends and the wider community."

Free Radio has organised a petition with the family to help get justice for the Coventry brothers. People can sign the petition by visiting the Free Radio website. People can follow the campaign on #Driveitthru

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