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New initiative to make Coventry roads safer takes shape

Published Wednesday, 07 November 2018

Work has started to install average speed cameras to help improve safety on two of the city’s busiest roads.

Jayne innes and speed cameras sign

The equipment is being installed over the next two weeks on columns along Ansty Road and London Road to test the software, before the cameras begin operating next month.

The Coventry City Council-funded move has come after increasing fears over the speeding across the city.

And more could follow with any profits from the scheme used to fund further average speed cameras on other Coventry roads where speeding is a problem.

Councillor Jayne Innes, Coventry City Council’s Cabinet Member for City Services, said speeding traffic were increasing concerns for local residents.

She said: “Road safety, and tackling speeding traffic in particular, is a priority for this Council and we are committed to creating a safer speed city.

“We want to make sure that our streets are safe for everyone, and Average Speed Cameras have been shown to be a great deterrent to speeding drivers, dramatically cutting incidences of speeding where they’re installed, and as a result, greatly reducing the number of accidents.

“Ansty Road and London Road are two of the city’s busiest, with a number of serious and tragic accidents over the last few years that have impacted on many people. Anything that we can do to prevent such tragedies on Coventry’s roads is worth doing.”

Over a three-year period, London Road saw 22 accidents, including three fatalities and six serious injuries. In a similar period, there were 32 accidents on Ansty Road, resulting in two fatalities and five serious injuries. 

The cameras on London Road will cover the stretch from Allard Way to the A46, with the Ansty Road cameras covering from Dane Road to Clifford Bridge Road.

Clear signs will be installed to tell drivers they are entering an average speed control zone.

Income from motorists paying for speed awareness courses would be used to cover police costs and re-invested in maintaining and potentially extending the scheme.

Cllr Abdul Salam Khan, Coventry City Council’s Deputy Leader with responsibility for enforcement, said: “As a Council we monitor and set the city’s speed limits, and we work closely with West Midlands Police who enforce the limits.

“The idea of installing Average Speed Cameras is a response to concerns raised by a number of residents, and we’ve always made it clear that road safety is something we are prioritising and willing to invest in even at times of austerity to ensure that our roads are made safer.

“The enforcement of this scheme will enable us to teach those that drive recklessly and without respect on Coventry’s roads that their actions can have a devastating impact, and that speed limits are set for a reason.”

Average Speed Cameras record the registration of a car and calculate its speed by measuring the time taken to travel between set points and are seen as an effective way of reducing speed, as they can cover a longer stretch of road compared to other cameras.

The Council is responsible for setting speed limits in the city and works closely with West Midlands Police which enforces them.

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