Bid to help keep young people from getting involved in violent offending

Published Thursday, 29 November 2018

Coventry City Council is seeking partners to help deliver an innovative programme aimed at preventing young people from getting involved in violent offending.

The Council believes everyone has a part to play and working with partners in the community and voluntary sector will be key to the bid.

The successful organisation will focus on training and raising awareness with professionals as well as parents and carers in targeted areas.

Troubled Families Programme: Supporting Families against Youth Crime Fund

Ministry of Housing, Communities& Local Government

Partners who are interested must be aware must submit a bid on or before 3 December and be submitted to

Your outline proposal will be considered by a bids oversight group as agreed by Coventry’s Police and Crime Board. Those shortlisted will be asked to provide a full cost and delivery model by 6 December.

It is recognised that the deadlines are very challenging. The completed bid must be submitted by the local authority and bid partners on 7 December with a “high level implementation plan”.  

The Brief

The bid will be requesting funding up to 500K, which will be for the lifetime of the project, which is Q4 2018/19 and 2019/20.

With changes in offending patterns and violent offending and increasing pressure on young people the intent is to utilise this opportunity to pilot  different approaches to  build resilience and inform practice going forward.

In addition and to secure good outcomes in the longer term there is a focus on training and awareness raising for both professionals, communities, parents and careers in the targeted  areas and those with whom direct interventions will be offered to.

The delivery model reflects gaps and priorities identified by key partners and service users including Police, Community Safety Partnership, Troubled Families Operational lead, Public Health, Childrens Services, Youth Offending Team, Education, LA Community Co-ordinator, Criminal Exploitation Coordinator.

Funding for a lead coordination post based within Childrens Services will be included in that figure. Please provide a cost model that does not exceed 450k.

The proposal needs to be scalable so that if required we could demonstrate flexibility and reduce the scope of our focus/ cost if required.

The fund prospectus (application and source papers) is attached to inform your submission.

Your proposal should include evidence of delivery outcomes that you have achieved for similar activities and at a minimum make reference to the Annex A Evidence sources to consult, as detailed in the attachment.

You will need an ability to commence delivery quarter 4 2018/19.

The activities delivered under this bid will be reported to The Early Help sub group of LSCB, which you may be required to attend. You will need to complete outcome-screening tools and submit to the Troubled Families co-ordinator in the local authority and provide data for returns to the funder.

External evaluation is being sought from Coventry University and again you will have a responsibility to provide data to support that activity.

Those returns are essential in order to draw down the second phase of the funding, which is performance dependant. If second phase funding not secured delivery will cease. You will need to have a model, which can respond to funding fall out, cessation. Funding will not be identified from another source.

 Staff skill set must include-

  • Assessment
  • Engagement
  • Pre-existing expertise in this field of practice including direct practice with children and families and have a good understanding  of the risks associated with gang involvement for male and females and safeguarding
  • Communication
  • Recording

You will need to provide direct supervision for your staff

The proposed model has three main strands.

Please provide a response under the three areas of the bid, or if you wish to be considered for a specific strand this will be considered. Please limit the response to each strand to a maximum of 700 words. The cost breakdown can be added outside of the word limit and submitted as an attachment. Please include volume data as appropriate.

Suggested funding weighting

  1.  75K
  2.  100k
  3. 325k


Training front line professionals and community groups to raise awareness.Priority will be given to those professionals working in the targeted geographical areas and communities resident in those areas of Coventry identified as high risk. Training must include awareness raising (indicators) and response (how can they can help their family, their communities and how to identify the right help at the right time)  

Prevention activity in targeted areas

This should focus on primary school children prior to transition to secondary schools ( building resilience- deglamourize the lifestyle, providing alternative role models , increase confidence to manage conflict, respond to peer pressure , staying safe strategies)

Intervention activity, using a whole family approach

This must target young people in high-risk areas using risk characteristics that include those identified in EIFs Preventing Gang and Youth Violence; Spotting Signals of Risk and Supporting Children and Young People, those identified as at risk of exclusions and in the exclusion process to identify the cohort.  

This would include a mentoring approach (both acting as a mentor and developing others as mentors including those identified from/within the relevant communities). It must reflect research evidence in terms of its delivery model ensuring that it builds on the protective factors for Youth Violence, providing alternative role models parenting support groups to increase their confidence in managing their children's behaviour. It will sit within a suite of interventions.    

The staff-offering strand three services (c) will be hosted in Family Hubs in the high-risk area has and work closely with School Inclusions Officers and partners. The activity will provide additionality to some families already engaged with support agencies and may be the lead worker for some families. There would be an expectation that they are available for the duration of the project and ideally full time to ensure a regular high-level contact relationship with families.

Please submit on or before the 3 December.

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