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The Pod's 'Lost In Space' supper club

Published Thursday, 11 April 2019

A supper club with words and music for a celestial visitor at The Pod's Supper Club on 12 April.

A supper club with The Pod

​​Space will be the theme of The Pod Cafés next Supper Club with the moon of particular importance this spring. This will be reflected in the music played by Adam Hibberd and sung by Lizzie Perring.  

The moon holds a special surprise for us this season. Normally in any given astronomical season, there are three occurrences of a full moon. This spring there will be four such occurrences of a full moon, the third of which is known as a seasonal blue moon.

In addition there is an uninvited guest arriving at this Supper Club. A stranger from a strange land, a foreigner who didn't pay for a seat but who you will take away with you – in spirit if not in physical form -  and will leave a lasting impression on your psyche. He has an eldritch aspect and manner which bespeak of hitherto unknown mysteries and secrets. He can reveal to us insights about our universe so precious and momentous as to excel all the feats of scientific discoveries of mankind. However he is a fleeting interloper to our abode and is now quickly escaping through the door. We must now, while the iron is still hot, catch up and confront him and learn from him the secrets of his mission.  

All food served will be locally sourced,  seasonal and vegan. Tables will be shared with mixed seating. 

'Lost in Space' menu

Total eclipse mocktail

Russian cosmonaut stew

Loaded charcoal focaccia

Space salad (Using the variety salad leaves which are grown in space)

Galaxy cheesecakes with popping candy

Tickets £10pp and £7 for active members of Food Union and Time Union and subscribers to Secret Knock Zine.  

To book a place please email: Once your booking is confirmed you can pay at the door.

Doors open 5.30pm.  Live music and space themed conversation 5.45 to 6.15 then meal served to a shared table.  The evening will be wrapped up with music composed and played by Adam Hibberd, who is a composer, musician and also an astronautical software engineer who developed some interplanetary mission design software used by 'The Initiative for Interstellar Studies', 'Project Lyra' team. 

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