Passenger satisfaction key to bus travel improvements

Published Wednesday, 29 January 2020

A Coventry Councillor and regular bus user is hoping to encourage local companies to take steps to introduce more improvements to bus travel.

Cllr Richard Brown, who is the chair of Coventry City Council’s Scrutiny Co-ordination Committee, believes that as the city gears up for its year as UK City of Culture there will be more demand on bus companies. He said that it was important that visitors have a good experience of the city.

He said: “For most people ease of use, better frequency and good value are important incentives for bus users. I know that some routes in the city have a better service than others and I understand that companies need to be driven by profits, but with air pollution becoming such a concern for all cities there is a real opportunity to attract motorists to bus travel.

“I am keen to hear from bus companies to understand what plans they have in place. My experience of bus travel is generally positive but I am very aware that the city’s year as UK City of Culture will put the city under the spotlight.”

“Passengers will always highlight improved frequencies, routes, and reduced fares. But better links with rail, integrated school transport services and more environmentally friendly buses are also important parts of bus travel.

“Subsided local bus routes are essential to residents but are not always commercially viable. 

“I’m keen to know the latest passenger satisfaction rates and to know whether passenger numbers are increasing year on year in Coventry.”

Martin Hancock, Development Director for National Express UK Bus said:“As part of the West Midlands Bus Alliance National Express Coventry works closely with Coventry City Council, Transport for West Midlands and other partners to continually improve bus services across the region.

"Where other regions in the UK have seen falling passenger numbers, we're really pleased that National Express Coventry has seen growth of around 1% year-on-year, providing millions of people with access to education, jobs, culture and leisure activities.

"We look forward to continuing to work together on innovations that can enhance the customer experience, reduce congestion and air quality problems across the city and attract new customers to the cleaner, greener mode of travel."

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