New approach to allocating social housing in city

Published Tuesday, 18 February 2020

A new approach to the way that social housing is allocated in the city will be in place by Autumn 2020.

A consultation survey on proposed changes to the Coventry Homefinder scheme received almost 500 responses. The overwhelming feedback was in support of an overhaul of the scheme.

Whilst the Council no longer owns any housing itself, it is legally required to have a scheme that allocates social housing. 

Plans will be discussed at the Council’s Cabinet meeting today.

A review of the current Coventry Homefinder Policy began in June 2019, when the Council began consulting with Registered Providers (Housing Associations).

The public consultation survey was published between 11 November and 3 January.

The changes to Coventry Homefinder will aim to make the scheme less complicated and less time consuming for applicants and ensure properties that become available go to people assessed as in greatest need.

Cllr David Welsh, Deputy Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities, said that the review and changes would make the scheme far more effective. 

He said: “We want to ensure that people with greatest need receive priority and that applies to people who are homeless. We have reduced the number of bands, which means it is less complicated to navigate through. 

“We feel that the changes will also make the application process much clearer with relevant supporting information. 

 “It’s been six years since the Homefinder policy was introduced and - at a time when we are facing a lack of adequate housing - the changes are very definitely needed.” 

The changes also reduce the number of times people can refuse an offer of housing; ensure that those registered are actively using Homefinder; and to improve the bidding process.

All current applicants will be given a specified date by which they need to reapply (date will late 2020 – specific date to be confirmed). The Coventry Homefinder Team will contact all current applicants later this year to explain next steps

Applicants who reapply by this date will keep their current Homefinder date. Any who do not reapply by this date – can apply in future but will receive new registration date. 

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