Unsung Heroes - Kirsty Holloway-Clarke

Published Thursday, 16 April 2020

A nurse and former looked after child is shining as one of the city’s many unsung heroes and her former foster family couldn’t be more proud.

Kirsty Holloway Clarke

Nurse Kirsty Holloway -Clarke has been tirelessly working on the Covid-19 ward at George Eliot Hospital and caring for her own family of five, after recovering from the virus herself.

Foster carer, Jacqui Clarke, said:  “Kirsty was our very first foster child over 20 years ago and she’s achieved so much in her life.  Every night she cries after her long shift, goes home and then does it all again.

“To protect her family, she is even partly living in isolation as she feels when she is on shift she cannot completely sanitise herself,  so just does this once at the end of her block of shifts.  She even wears her mask in the house.

“We always said if it was easy, anyone could do it and she would always pick herself up and get cracking in life.

“You won’t believe how proud we are of her.  Our awesome daughter.”

Neil Macdonald, Strategic Lead for Quality Assurance, Children’s Services, added:  “The story of Kirsty is a touching one and shows the amazing influence our foster carers can have on children’s lives. 

We’d like to thank Kirsty and NHS staff and workers like her who are helping fight the virus, despite being in difficult circumstances themselves.  We’d of course also like to say a big thank you to all of our foster carers who are doing a fantastic job in looking after some of the city’s most vulnerable children and giving them a secure home, particularly in such uncertain times.”

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