Praise for continued support of city's children and families

Published Friday, 22 May 2020

Compliments for Children’s Services staff have been pouring in as those providing vital support for the city’s most vulnerable children and families continue working.

Despite lockdown and social distancing, social workers have continued holding face to face meetings where it has been important to safeguard children and support families.

And their care has been appreciated as these two compliments to social workers from young people demonstrate:

“Thank you so much for being so ace and kind. You always listen to me and offer a shoulder to cry on.”


“They are incredible and I have never had this with a worker before. I feel relaxed and it doesn’t feel formal at all. I feel like they just call to check in because they care and not because they are my worker.”

Early Help workers from the city’s eight family hubs have also continued working to support families across Coventry, including helping to deliver food

One service user said: “You are all doing an amazing job and look forward to giving something back in the near future when things get better.”

While one child had this to say about a family hub worker: “I don't think you'll see it but it honestly feels like you've changed my life, you've done so much for me and helped me have a voice and I've come such a long way thanks to you. You probably got into this business to help and I want you to know that you really have made a huge difference to my life.”

Cllr Pat Seaman, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, said: “I’m so grateful to all of our staff who, despite the most challenging of circumstances, have continued to display how much they care for the people they support. It’s lovely to read all the comments in appreciation.”

John Gregg, Director of Children’s Services, added: “We see a lot in the news at the moment about people finding ways to return to work, but the reality for our frontline workers is they found ways to make sure they never stopped. Those face-to-face meetings can be a lifeline for our children and families, and the support that workers have been able to provide will no doubt have helped so many people through this difficult time.”

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