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School Libraries – how to make them safe to use

Published Wednesday, 01 July 2020

Giving children access to books, resources and their school library are important to try and maintain during this period.

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However, there has been a lot of concern about how to make school libraries and books available to children and young people whilst minimising the risks of spreading COVID-19.

Guidelines have been set out by CILIP (Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals) and the SLA (School Library Association) on how to make your school library safe to use. The information is free to access and download.

SLS understand that for some schools this might be a lot of work to do when they don’t have enough staff available. Therefore, we have come up with a package to help you get your school library up and running for the start of the Autumn term.

COVID-19 school library safety package

  • One of our professional librarians will come into school to look at your school library and complete the recommended risk assessment
  • SLS will then use the results of the risk assessment to draw up an action plan which will detail what changes need to be made to your school library to minimise the risks while still allowing the library to be used by staff and students
  • SLS will discuss the risk assessment and action plan with the school and then agree which aspects of the action plan can be carried out by SLS and which will need to be completed by other school staff
  • SLS will then implement the points in the action plan designated to the SLS team
  • SLS will train school staff with responsibility for the library so that they understand how to implement the new rules and feel more comfortable about opening the library to students.

This package will consist of 2 half days in school as well as work completed away from the school and all necessary meetings with school staff.

The total cost of this package is £350 for schools that currently subscribe to SLS and £400 for non-subscribing schools

SLS can provide the additional signage that you might need to have in your library to assist children with abiding by the new rules. These will be provided at an additional cost (this will be the direct cost of the items bought from a supplier). The advantage of purchasing these items through SLS would be to save the school time in getting the library ready for the start of term.

For more information or to discuss your schools’ requirements please email [email protected] or phone on 024 7697 5485.

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