Early Help Strategy 2020-2022

Published Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Coventry's Safeguarding Children Partnership has today launched its Early Help Strategy for 2020-2022.

The Early Help Partnership's shared vision is: 'Coventry: where children, young people and families matter', and Coventry's Early Help Partnership aims to reach children, young people and families when the need first emerges, and intervene when there will be the greatest impact. 

Outlining the vision for the updated strategy, Councillor Pat Seaman Cabinet Member for Children's Services, said: "Our Vision is for Coventry children and young people to have supportive families, live safe from harm, fulfil their potential, are healthy, and have positive fulfilling lives"

Rebecca Wilshire, Chair of the Early Help Partnership, said: "We have much to be proud of in Coventry, and the Early Help services continue to drive and maintain the pace and energy to implement, embed and sustain any changes and developments to achieve our vision. "

The strategy can be found in full on the Children's Safeguarding Partnership website.

The service has also put together a video which shares some of the many pledges that are being made by Coventry Early Help staff and practitioners to work together in a One Coventry way to deliver the best possible outcomes for our children, young people and their families  

Watch the video on the Council's YouTube channel.

Take a look at some of our senior leaders holding their pledges

Early Help pledges

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