New electric vehicle charge points installed in Coventry

Published Tuesday, 04 August 2020

Coventry has received an EV boost with 30 new on-street electric vehicle charging points installed in the Holyhead Road area as part of an exciting new pilot project.

Electric charging points

UK-based EV infrastructure company, Connected Kerb, is behind the project driven by Coventry City Council. 

The scheme has also installed air quality sensors, which are fitted onto the same posts as the charge points and provide real time data on pollution levels. 

Holyhead Road and surrounding areas have some of the worst air quality levels in the city and would greatly benefit from the transition to electric vehicles. 

Connected Kerb’s CEO, Chris Pateman-Jones, said: "The purpose of this installation is to provide Coventry residents with the convenience of home charging, so that the switch to an electric vehicle becomes a viable option for them.

“Our research has found that 80% of current EV drivers charge at home. This is easy enough if you have a driveway, but 45% of the population do not. These chargers are placed on-street where drivers already park their cars, meaning they can charge overnight without any change in routine.”

Existing residential parking arrangements have not been impacted, as the charge points are deployed in groups of six. This ensures drivers will have access to a charge point when required, but without the need to create ‘EV only’ parking bays. 

Drivers will be able to begin charging by downloading Connected Kerb’s mobile app, or through contactless payment. 

Cllr Jim O’Boyle, Cabinet Member for Jobs and Regeneration, said: “This scheme gives drivers in the local area the opportunity to access electric charging points and will help to encourage the gradual ownership of electric vehicles. 

“This is an important programme and Coventry already has one of the largest networks of electric vehicle charge points in any city outside London. This roll-out is part of our wider programme to reduce air pollution in the city – without the need for a Clean Air Zone in the city.” 

Connected Kerb will continue to engage with local residents to encourage and help facilitate the switch to EV ownership, including through EV leasing schemes.

Based in London, Connected Kerb Ltd provide a smart cities platform which integrates both power and data at kerbside to support electric and autonomous vehicles, and the application of advanced IoT technologies. 

Connected Kerb’s platform is innovated to empower better-connected communities, promote liveable streets, minimise environmental impact and accelerate the transition to electric vehicles for all people.

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