City celebrates historic Godiva Day – virtually

Published Thursday, 10 September 2020

An historic day of celebration dating back more than 500 years will be held in Coventry tomorrow.

Dame Goodyver’s Day – or Godiva Day – is part of this year’s Heritage Open Days.

The traditional feast day was given by the Guild of Cappers and Feltmakers many centuries ago and revived by Coventry’s official Lady Godiva Pru Porretta MBE.

The day will be an online celebration of Lady Godiva and the Godiva Sisters – women from different faiths and cultures, dressed in their own traditional costumes.

It will be streamed live as it changes form the usual style of a procession to keep with social distancing guidelines and help protect the city against the threat of coronavirus.

Watch it online from 10.15am tomorrow.

Pru Porretta said: “The day honours the stories that make Coventry what it is today, celebrating ordinary women who have done extraordinary things.

“The Godiva Sisters will be filmed in their beautiful costumes, some medieval and others traditional. Godiva and her sisters: heroes in their own cultural, ethnic or religious traditions, characters both ancient and modern, whose lives have inspired and still inspire today through their own individual stories which connect to the story of Godiva.

“The Godiva Trust helps a new generation of women from Coventry’s diverse cultures better relate and reinterpret our heritage celebration with a unique identity, and underpins the city’s International role as a Centre for Peace and Reconciliation.”

Lord Mayor Cllr Ann Lucas, who has filmed a message for the event, said: “It promises to be a wonderful day and I am so pleased that organisers have managed to create an online event so the people of our city do not miss out on such a beautiful tradition.

“The day forms part of the annual Heritage Open Days, which are also very different this year. But I hope people still find time to see the many attractions on offer.

“We really do have a breath-taking story and I know that with the help of our brilliant volunteers and organisations such as the Godiva Trust, we will always find a way to honour it and share it with others – no matter what the challenges!”

See more about the Heritage Open days on the Council website.

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