Organisations helping to raise awareness of hate crime

Published Thursday, 15 October 2020

The University of Warwick and Coventry University are helping to promote Hate Crime Awareness Week.

The Council has produced a video with support from Together in Action(TIA), community and police partners while the police are also publicising its West Midlands Police Hate Crime App throughout the week.

Mohammed Bashir, Community Co-ordinator, said: “Lots of agencies including the two universities are supporting us in reminding people to report hate crime.

“All Hate Crime and Hate incidents can be reported online through or on one of many other hate crime reporting platforms on google, people can anonymously reporting hate crime if they wish.

“We have shared drinks bottles, mobile phone screen wipes and WM Police leaflets which include the website details. A WM Police report Hate Crime app is also available to supports individuals to report Hate Crime.

“The message in Coventry is that the city does not tolerate hate crime.”   

He added: “It’s a simple message and we want people to know that there are different way of sharing their concerns.”

Police Community Officers are also receiving training on hate crime.

Hate crime is defined by a hostility or prejudice towards someone on the basis of either their race, religion, disability, or as a result of homophobia or transphobia.

Watch the Hate Crime video on the Council's YouTube channel.

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