Happy Diwali - a message from Cllr Abdul Salam Khan, Deputy Leader of the Council

Published Friday, 13 November 2020

The Deputy Leader of the Council, Cllr Abdul Salam Khan, has issued a message to residents ahead of Diwali, which starts this weekend

He said:

"This Saturday (14 November) sees the start of Diwali, the Festival of Lights.

"It is such an important time for people in our city and all around the world as they celebrate their faith.

"The five day festival is a joyful time, which is traditionally marked with parades and fireworks. People decorate their homes, temples and workspaces with lights; families and friends gather for meals; and communities come together as one.

"Sadly, the Diwali we all know and love will be very different this year.

"The threat of COVID-19 and lockdown measures mean we must, unfortunately, stay apart. People will be missing their loved ones and it will be a very difficult time for many.

"However, we know, we must do all we can as individuals, as communities and as a city to prevent the spread of this terrible virus.

"So even though we cannot be together, we can still celebrate and have a joyous Diwali. It is, after all, a time that reminds us of the victory of light over darkness and good over evil. It shows us that there is hope after despair.

"I cannot think of a better time for us all to embrace such a message.

"Our city’s strength lies in its diversity, and although this Diwali is different to those we have known, it has the power to unite us all.

"We may not be able to celebrate together as we would wish, but I would urge everyone, regardless of faith, to light up their home and give thanks for all we have. We can still celebrate Diwali as one community and one Coventry and show that we know better times will soon be here.

"Please stay safe, follow the guidelines and have a Happy Diwali.

"I wish you and your families happiness, prosperity and joy."

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