4 x new Average Speed Enforcement road safety schemes starting early 2021

Published Thursday, 19 November 2020

As part of a plan to make Coventry’s roads even safer Average Speed Enforcement Cameras are planned to be installed on:

  • Ansty Road (from its junction with Clifford Bridge Road to the City Boundary) 

  • Longford Road and part of Foleshill Road and Bedworth Road (from its junction with A444 to Ibstock Road) and part of Old Church Road (to its junction with Gayer Street) 

  • Bell Green Road (from its junction with A444 to its junction with Henley Road) and part of Old Church Road (to its junction with Dudley Street) 

  • Burnaby Road and The Scotchill (from its junction with Lockhurst Lane to its junction with Keresley Green Road);   

Research has shown that these cameras are very effective at helping reduce vehicle speeds and enhancing driver behaviour. 

Councillor Patricia Hetherton, Cabinet Member for City Services, said” The Average Speed Enforcement Cameras have proved they can improve safety on roads where speed is an issue in collisions and they also have the added benefit of managing traffic flow which in turn leads to reduced congestion and air quality improvements.” 

“Early evaluation of both London Road and Ansty Road, where these cameras have been introduced, are very positive with significant reductions in the number of recorded serious personal injury collisions. We believe these plans across the city are making Coventry a safer speed city”   

Average Speed Enforcement Cameras work by calculating an overall journey speed over a length of road which prevents the slow down, speed up reaction that single use cameras can cause. There will be clear signage to inform drivers of the Average Speed Camera zone and the cameras will also be visible. 

These safety measures will hopefully be installed and operational before the end of March 2021.  

Residents in this area are currently being given information about the planned measures and if there are any questions they can contact Joel Logue by email: [email protected]   



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